HOW THE GEN-Z TREATS MUSIC: A curious case of ‘Madari’

So, I was at a Fest/Concert yesterday teeming with college-going chaps hosted by NSUT. The invited guests were the musician duo, Vishal and Shekhar. Everybody was reveling, mediated by their very locals. However, a few hours into the carouse, Vishal was asking the crowd which song do they want him to perform next. A paltry voice made its way to […]



The Indian U-19 women’s team won the T 20 world cup. The news does not definitely invoke a nonchalant attitude, given the background and backdrop of their victory. 16 girls, receding adversity to the side hurtled towards clenching onto the elusive world cup.   What is it about this particular display of women empowerment that induces a certain celebratory feeling? […]

Culture and Religion

UTTARAKHAND CULTURE: A blend of two religions

The quaint, godly, and sloped lands of Uttarakhand have found a unique culture, a culture flourishing all the way from mythology to modernity. It is a unique blend of the urge to sustain and the urge to be in the vicinity of the divine that has made habitation possible here. One aspect of their lives in the mountains is their […]



Has the world we are living in become more humanized or has it become more politically correct? I shall leave this rather sturdy question to you, i.e, only if it actually warrants the adjective. Imagine on a proximal level being part of a city and on a distal level being part of a nation. Now, intuitively you will have the […]


WHAT IT IS TO LOVE : A phenomenology of love

Seeing the romance rife these days on social media has left me wondering if that is all there is to love. The perceived picture of holding hands, Leaning onto each others’ bosom, and all the related dispositional things. In all instances of love, I believe one thing is common: an element of care. Let’s dig into the phenomenology of love […]


ATTACK ON TITAN: A curious case of morality

The premise of Attack on Titan  is salient yet, to an extent, unintelligible. The show owes its complexity to its seasonal nature; with each new season, the dimension of the storyline widens unpredictably.  Effectively, new revelations are exuded about characters regarding their motives and intents. The anime has many different personality traits, and how they vary in other circumstances.  Eren […]


POLARITY: The idea of the two poles

I am of the opinion that we as rational beings are stranded or rather oscillating between two different realities which can be represented on a line. One is the state of ignorance, and the other is the state of exaggerated penetration. How? Let’s get straight to the point. The pole of ignorance  In a state of ignorance, people tend to […]