Do this and ChatGPT will not replace you as a writer

In the 18th century, when the Industrial Revolution was in full swing, one group, called Luddites, mushroomed in Nottingham, Britain. Their purpose? Just one. Oppose mechanization. They destroyed mechanized looms and other textile machinery due to the rising fear of unemployment. David Landes summed up his vision of the period as: “The workers, especially those bypassed by machine industry, said […]


The relation between market positioning and a principle of Jainism

Being a frequent visitor to the residence of philosophy, I came across the concept of ‘multifaceted reality’, documented in one of the schools of Indian Philosophy, the Jainas. I am talking about the principle of Anekantavada. My contention will focus on how it partially runs parallel to Positioning in the market.  But first, let me briefly describe what I mean […]


A tale of a Northeastern hub in Humayunpur village

One Friday evening, after finishing my work, one of my pals from the office had a rendezvous with his girlfriend. Being a polite fellow as he was, he enjoined me to accompany him to a dingy cafe where the girl was also an interim manager.  Having nothing else to do, I decided to tag along. We deboarded at the Greenpark […]


MANSPLAINING EXAMPLE: Know everything there is about mansplaining

The age of social media has introduced us to various alluring lingo, and mansplaining happens to be one of these. Given the credulous nature of the folks these days, it becomes important to throw some light on the subject. So that the next time the word is in your mouth, ready to be hurled at someone or simple get accused […]



 Imagine it’s just another Sunday. You have just woken up. You reach out for your phone either by habit or volition. Last night was as wild as it could ever be. The kidneys received their fair share of alcohol, and the stomach had their fair share of calories. With a pinch of guilt in the background, you now open Instagram, […]


WOMEN WEAR SHORT CLOTHES: A logical deconstruction

In this world of never-ending opinions and conceptions, some are more inciting than others. They often get assimilated and are set as another block for an ever-expanding road of the thinking process.  One such instance that has colonized the minds of the people of the Orient (lately) is the appropriateness of female apparel( the rural understanding of clothes or rather […]


DHRUV RATHEE, RAMAYANA AND LOGIC: How logic is misunderstood

One fine day, I was undertaking my regular chore of grazing through social media. Owing to the tendencies of the human brain, I didn’t bother stalling for more than 3 seconds until a video popped up. It was a podcast. The questionnaire was not the taste of my attention, but the question, the answerer, and the answer indeed were. Why […]



The way that we have understood Feminism is quite wrong. Let me explain! Contemporary Feminism has become a word that incites thoughts that may be learned( through literature and experience) or adopted( through a convention that is contextual). The way we have understood it is quite linear and parochial for the most part.    It transcends the commonly understood definition […]