Has the world we are living in become more humanized or has it become more politically correct? I shall leave this rather sturdy question to you, i.e, only if it actually warrants the adjective.

Imagine on a proximal level being part of a city and on a distal level being part of a nation. Now, intuitively you will have the idea of a nation-state forging up, a unison that may or may not be imagined, a formation that in principle should be catering to the constituent entities.
Now, suppose city x has sundry afflictions in the form of diseases, dearth of resources, etc. But, the nation as a whole is doing *well*,i.e, its other constituents are doing well. You will concede to the idea that the problem of city x could be dispelled or simply that efforts could be made towards dispelling it since the nation is on an economic stride.
Now, also imagine that you are a professional football player, having come to the city to do your deed, and right about when you have set foot on the ground you heed…








In the reconciliation of two instances, that’s Italy back in the mid-1980s for you. I shall quote the follow-up scene ‘ Naples was the Africa of Italy’
So, what value does this whole thing exude apart from my bad camera quality?
Well on a metaphysical level, the world shall always act on casual principles regardless of the ethical. Each era no matter how much we think has made its excursion into the right will always have some elements making us aversive to have existed. The world doesn’t head toward progress nor does it head toward degradation. All it is heading towards is the natural end for the casual principles.
┬áTo quote Hashirama Senju from Naruto ” No matter what era there will always be war ”
On an immediate level, your intellect that allows you to disengage or engage with such an abomination needs to be examined. In the case of the former, it could be that you don’t admit being a racist in public yet what I should call an ‘epistemic racist’. However, if your intellect has allowed you to be categorically reprehensive of the malice then congratulations you have made the progress.
A side note: progress without having fathomed the nuances is ‘wokeism’. Strive to be progressive but not woke because the former is principalistic while the latter is a facade.

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