POLARITY: The idea of the two poles

I am of the opinion that we as rational beings are stranded or rather oscillating between two different realities which can be represented on a line. One is the state of ignorance, and the other is the state of exaggerated penetration. How? Let’s get straight to the point.

The pole of ignorance

 In a state of ignorance, people tend to be sexist, homophobic, and racist(and their other corollaries). Their conduct is oriented towards taking these inequalities for granted, receding any common sense and probity into the background.

After having experienced people and their ways, it would leave a rational person utterly disgusted. For instance, passing expletives and other remarks on people of the LGBTQ+ community, saying they are better off dead, refusing to assimilate them into the normal functioning of society.
Generalizing every black woman who resides in India as welcoming to sexual favors when asked((personal experience) and, last but not least, leering at women, not acknowledging their opinions ( for our generation of social media works, it may seem obsolete, but for the most of our society it does exist).

The pole of misconstrued concepts

My contention may seem like I am some sort of a pretentious flag bearer of equality whose arguments are nothing but just a facade of him wanting to seek some attention but hold on, let’s move on to the other end of this line where you have issues which are inherently oriented towards righteousness and justice but over time, people have to seem to make it ‘all- issues- encompassing’ that sometimes may not necessarily be seen through that lens.
They have deviated from their quintessence or the initial cause due to their interests, political leanings, and making everything about themselves. Their sense of justice overlaps reason and logic.
To understand this, let’s take the examples above in this context.
You have the issue of ‘toxic feminism’ (I am using it since we all are familiar with this term; otherwise, I would instead put it as ‘ unjustified refuge in a greater cause, i.e., Women’s afflictions.’ Now, the one way that helps get us out of this dilemma is the ‘golden mean or ‘midpoint’ of this line, which can ensure balance in our perspectives.

Acknowledging ignorance

 As Aristotle puts it, virtue is the mean between two vices. Courage is a virtue but deficiency of it would lead to cowardice, and too much of it would lead to foolhardiness. And the reason why I am unable to cite any paradigm when it comes to the LGBTQ+ community in this context and formulates an opinion is because of the sole reason that ‘ I don’t know enough, but at least I am aware of my ignorance. “At any rate, It seems that I am wiser than he is to this small extent that I do not think that I know that I do not know”( Socrates, Apology 21D).

The idea of the two poles is one facet of the reality of this world. Both of them, I opine are hard to clench simultaneously and we are deemed to be stranding in either of them.

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